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Rip It Classic
Southern Virginia Association
United States Diving

Location: Bon Air Recreation Assoc.
Time: Warm up will begin at 8:30am, the meet will commence at 10am.
Date: Friday, July 11th, 2003
Meet Director: Chad Triolet, 757-436-7067
Meet Secretary: Gloria Thompson
810 Cameron Road
Richmond, VA 23229-8402
Meet Entry Fee: $10 per event      *** Entry checks should be made payable to Sports, VA Inc.***
Click HERE for the Official Southern VA Diving Entry form
Awards: First through Sixth place

Meet entry forms are to be submitted to Gloria Thompson, address above

Please return by Monday, July 7th, 2003. A $5 late fee will apply to any entries received after July 7th, 2003. Deck entries will be accepted until 9am and registration forms must have a parent/guardian and athlete signature for participation.   

*****Event numbers are as follows:
Please note that events will be combined depending on the number of entries in an effort to make the competition as time efficient and enjoyable for all parties involved. 

Order of Events (novice, intermediate, and J.O.)



Event 1 9 & Under
Event 2 10 - 11
Event 3 12 - 13
Event 4 Synchronized Diving**
Event 5 14 - 15
Event 6 16 - 18

**Synchronized Competition (No Fee):

There will be two divers performing four rounds of dives.  Rounds must include one round with forward take-offs, one round with backward take-off, a round with a combination of forward and backward take-off, and the final round will be divers choice.

*All athletes and coaches will be required to have their US Diving membership cards at the meet in order to participate. For additional registration information, please contact Faye Alexander (804) 353-9348