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Princess Anne
(All-Comers) Invitational

The Princess Anne Country Club is hosting a pre-champ Invitational on Thursday the 20th of July. The meet will begin at 11 A.M., warm-ups will start at 9 A.M.  The meet will proceed in the order of the age-groups below and groups may be combined depending on the number of athletes in each age-group. This is a great opportunity for your divers to get an extra tune-up before champs.  The format will be as follows.

There will be five different age groups and two divisions, novice and regular.  The age groups and number of dives needed are listed below.

1. 9 & Under 3 4
2. 10 - 11 4 5
3. 12 - 13 5 6
4. 14 - 15 6 7
5. 16 & Over 7 8
(*)A front jump (100) or back jump (200) may be used as a dive for any one diving in the novice category.

Please let Amy or Chad Triolet know if you are planning to attend the meet.  It will also be helpful if you let us know how many divers you might have.
            (home)            (757) 436-7067
            (cell)                (757) 572-3849 

Directions to Princess Anne on the back.  If there are weather concerns, call (757) 572-3849 or (757) 436-7067 after 6 A.M. on the 20th for an update.