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Results from the Virginia State Games
held at U of R, 6/23/01


Name Age Group  1M Score Place 1M Level 3M Score Place 3M Level
Jake G. 12-13 Boys  122.5 1st Nov. 121.35 1st Nov.
Oleg B. 11&U Boys        No score available 1st JO
Kyle K. 14-15 Boys  209.45 2nd JO 203.55 2nd Int.
Robin C. 16-18 Girls  129.45 3rd Nov. 117.65 2nd Nov.
Carolyn F. 16-18 Girls  194.05 2nd Int. 169.00 1st Nov.
Chistina S. 16-18 Girls  211.80 1st Int. 189.85 1st Int.
Evan A. 16-18 Boys 215.9 2nd JO      
Shannon M. 14-15 Girls   3rd Int.      


After an interesting start, the meet was a great success for all of our divers.  Brooke let us know that everyone did an excellent job and worked very hard.  Congratulations to all, Dive Tidewater was well represented!

Also, want to extend a special thanks to Brooke who coached the team while Chad and Amy were on vacation.  We thank her for her hard work and excellent coaching!